“Full of Grace” is [Regrettably] Back!

For many reasons, I struggle with my Sunday obligation. I think I suffer from some nostalgic understanding of what Mass is supposed to be like.  I, like many who shuttled through a Jesuit Catholic university and came out a faithful Catholic, enjoyed the life and exuberance of Sunday Mass.  Not only was there music worth … Continue reading

A Call for Papers: Religion and Spirituality in Society

I just read an email notification for the Call for Papers for the Fifth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society being held at the University of California at Berkeley in Berkeley, USA from 16-17 April 2015.  This conference looks very intriguing.  According to the call, the special conference focus will be “Social Movements and Faith.” … Continue reading


When I began my Phd studies, I also became more acquainted with other side of historical research – archives and preservation of history.  I had already made the connection to the importance of having primary sources in my masters work, but it really sunk in when I began work in my university’s archives as a … Continue reading

A Little Name Dropping for a Friday Night

Tonight, I had dinner with pretty much every historian I admire and wish to emulate.  (Maybe not all but close.) Tonight, as dinner wound down, Jay Dolan got up and gave a talk about Vatican II, Pope John XXIII, and the changes in Catholic life.  And there were jokes.  Jay Dolan! It was his book … Continue reading

Semester Beginnings

If I am not mistaken, I have not posted since June.  I have had a long summer and it involved a lot of travel for work.  If there were a time that underscores the upside-down-ness of my affiliation with academia, it would be my summers.  Don’t get me wrong, an administrative position in a organization … Continue reading

Better Late Than Never: Time for an Update Post

Busy, busy, busy…so very busy.  Most academics’ schedules slow down by mid-May.  They are busy with grading and graduations, but unless they teach summer classes, their schedules shift.  They are still working, but more often not in the classroom, dealing with students.  For me, not so much.  About April, my schedule starts to pick up … Continue reading