I started this blog and then let it go for a few weeks because we were getting ready to go on vacation.  Well, we are now On Vacation.  Soon we will be back to every day life and I hope to be more present.

Before I get back to all the vacationing, I have some updates:

First, Led by Mercy:  I have been contacted by a university press to which I submitted my manuscript and they have said they want to publish it.  I am very excited and very pleased.  It also means that I will have a lot of work to do in July and early August to address some “issues,” one of which is the title.  Needs to be more “sexy.”  I like Led by Mercy, but hopefully I can come up with something more to jazz it up a tad.  As a former bookseller, I understand the importance of a good title on the spine.  As someone who trolls libraries and have made the acquaintance of a few catalogers, I also understand the importance of a searchable title.

Second, teaching: I have been given a class for the Fall semester and I am beyond happy.  It is a course I have not taught before so that means a lot of work to prepare.  Hopefully this also means that I will post about teaching in the future.

With these two developments, I will be quite busy.