A Call for Papers: Religion and Spirituality in Society

I just read an email notification for the Call for Papers for the Fifth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society being held at the University of California at Berkeley in Berkeley, USA from 16-17 April 2015.  This conference looks very intriguing.  According to the call, the special conference focus will be “Social Movements and Faith.”

Religious commitments are, as often as not, social commitments. In addition to its usual range of themes, this year’s special focus of the Religion and Society knowledge community is the relation of religion to social movements, ranging from movements for nominally “progressive” or “liberal” social change, to “fundamentalisms” whose religious practices are often explicitly or implicitly social and political. The conference will ask the questions: Under what conditions and to what extent are religious communities social activists, either in their doctrine or their practices? How do religious communities support or align with other social movements?

The 2015 meeting will feature a special focus on this provocative subject. We welcome open debate, discourse, and research from participants that center on this special topic, as well as any other themes or issues relevant to religion and spirituality in society.

“Provocative subject,” indeed.  Check out the conference website for more information, including themes, and where to submit a proposal.  Looks like the deadline is February 16, 2015.


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